Santa Fe Church

November 2019


Santa Fe Presbyterian Church is a traditional style Presbyterian Church located in Edmond, Oklahoma. Some of their core values are tradition, heritage, family, and and their mission is to love as Christ loves and serve as Christ served. Santa Fe came to us to build a modern brand identity that embodies their mission.

Project Goals

Because Santa Fe Presbyterian is a traditional style church, our goals with the logo were to relay core values like tradition, family, and to embody their mission statement. We wanted to build a brand identity that was modern yet warm, inviting, and easily comprehensible, all centered around serving Christ.

Santa Fe Presbyterian Church Logo

Santa Fe Presbyterian Church initially reached out to us in August 2019, looking for a modern brand identity and website that could take their church into the 21st century. We started off with the brand.

We started off by sketching around 35 different logo types, all of which had some sort of biblical meaning. Eventually, we setted on a monogram that incorporated the initials S + F, while centering the logo around a cross shape.

Initially, the church wanted to go with a southwest theme because of their name and location. After exploring many sandy and warm colors, we actually ended up deciding on a turquoise color scheme. We picked out Graphik for typography, as it's modern, geometric, but also has character and warmth to it.